Planning Policy (slightly) revised

PPW6The planning system in Wales is guided by Planning Policy Wales. It’s the touchstone for more or less every aspect of land use policy and the framework within which development plans and day to day development management are set. In February, government issued the sixth edition of the document. Amendments in the new addition chiefly deal with sustainable waste management, so if this is not your thing, don’t get excited. This post is more of a friendly reminder to our network that it’s a good idea to keep up to date with government policy statements and technical advice notes, since these are the essential context to the planning casework which is often the bread and butter of local amenity societies.

Planning Policy Wales, sixth edition can be downloaded here.

The related Technical Advice Notes can be found here. The most recent (some are now very elderly!) are TAN 21 on Waste (2014) and TAN 23 on Economic Development.

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