Save Llandaff Meadow

Save llandaff meadows poster

In April we wrote about the Llandaff Society and the wider community’s campaign to Save Llandaff Meadows. Llandaff Meadows lies between Llandaff Cathedral and the river.


Cardiff Metropolitan University is seeking to drain and level it for a football pitch. The Save Llandaff Meadow group is made up from local people including walkers, dog walkers, cyclists, and local residents connected with the common goal of protecting a very rare and important place.

The Planning Committee met on Wednesday the 14th of May at Ferrier Hall in City Hall and a site visit has been arranged for Cardiff Council Members on Wednesday 11th June at 2pm. The visit will assist the committee in determining Cardiff Metropolitan University’s application to construct a football pitch, when they hold their next full meeting in July. If you wish to attend the site visit please be aware that you are not allowed to “lobby” visiting committee members but the campaign group members would welcome your support. If you would like to register your support of the Save Llandaff Meadow campaign please enter your details on their website.

An application for Village Green Status has also been made by The Llandaff Society for Llandaff Meadow. The outcome of this application is not yet known.

For further information see the website Save Llandaff Meadow ( or Save Llandaff Meadow Facebook page

For information about The Llandaff Society see their website

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