Changes to guidance on sustainable buildings

Today a number of changes were made to Welsh Government planning policy as a result of the amendments to Part L of the Building Regulations (Conservation of Fuel and Power) coming into force today. These changes extend the energy efficiency requirements for all new domestic buildings to have an 8% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions and non-domestic buildings a 20% reduction from 2010 Building Regulations levels. The power to make Building Regulations was transferred to Welsh Ministers in 2011, and Part L of Building Regulations was consulted on in 2012, along with the future of the national planning policy on sustainable buildings and TAN 22.

As a result of this, and the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations the following changes have been made to planning policy and guidance:

PPW1 Planning Policy Wales (PPW)

Edition 7 of PPW has been published. This edition incorporates amendments to Section 4.1.2 ‘Planning for sustainable buildings’ withdrawing the national policy requirement for sustainable building standards. Updated PPW

2 Technical Advice Note (TAN) 22: Planning for Sustainable Buildings: CANCELLED 

TAN 22 is now cancelled.

TAN 123 TAN 12: Design

TAN 12 has been updated to include key elements of the guidance on sustainable buildings contained in TAN 22. TAN 12 now contains information on the energy hierarchy; allowable solutions; and sustainable building policies on strategic sites in local development plans. Updated TAN 12


Practice guidance_ Plg for sustainable buildings

4 Practice guidance: Planning for Sustainable Buildings

A new practice note has been issued which includes advice on assessing local development plan strategic sites. The practice guidance also provides advice for developers on integrating sustainable building design principles into their development proposals. Produced by DCfW for the Welsh Government, this is an easy to read clear and straightforward document with some interesting case studies.  Practice guidance: Planning for Sustainable Buildings


For information on the new Part L of the Building Regulations see ‘Part L’

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