Wales Heritage Group

The Wales Heritage Group / Grŵp Treftadaeth Cymru is a new group which will meet quarterly to discuss matters of mutual interest. Listed below are the current members of the Wales Heritage Group/Grŵp Treftadaeth Cymru.
The Chair of the Group will revolve, with the Civic Trust for Wales as the secretariat.


Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
The oldest conservation society in the English-speaking world, founded in 1877 by William Morris and others. Concerned with pre-1700 buildings and technique and philosophy of repair. Runs National Maintenance Week. Contact: Judith Leigh, Janet Poole

The Civic Trust for Wales (Secretariat)
The Civic Trust for Wales promotes civic pride as a means to improving the quality of life for all in the places where we live and work, and encourages community action, good design, sustainable development and respect for the built environment amongst people of all ages. The Civic Trust is the umbrella organisation for the network of civic societies across Wales. Contact: Anna Lermon

The Victorian Society
The Victorian Society is the champion for Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales. Those from 1837 to 1914. Contact: Elaine Davey, James Hughes

The Georgian Group
The Georgian Group is the national charity dedicated to preserving Georgian buildings and gardens. They are are consulted annually on over 6,000 planning applications involving demolition or alterations. Contact: Gareth Roberts

The Twentieth Century Society
The Twentieth Century Society was founded as the Thirties Society in 1979, and exists to safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards. The Society’s prime objectives are conservation and education. Contact: Henrietta Billings

Ancient Monuments Society and Friends of Friendless Churches
Concerned with the study and conservation of historic buildings of all ages and types. Publishes a list of total demolition applications each year. In working partnership with the Friends of Friendless Churches which owns 34 disused but historically important places of worship in England and Wales. Contact: Matthew Saunders, Lucy Carayon

The National Churches Trust
The National Churches Trust supports and promotes church buildings of historic, architectural and community value. It is the only independent, UK-wide charity supporting churches, chapels and meeting houses of all Christian denominations, providing grants, support, advice and information and seeking to highlight the value of these important buildings. Contact: Matthew Seward

The Theatres Trust
The Theatres Trust is the National Advisory Body for Theatres, protecting theatres for everyone. We operate nationally in England, Scotland and Wales promoting the value of theatre buildings and championing their future. We are a statutory consultee on theatre buildings in the planning system, we provide expert advice on the sustainable development of theatres, we distribute small capital grants, and we help promote awareness and solutions for theatres at risk. We champion all theatres, historic, contemporary and new, in theatre use, in other uses or disused. Contact: Mark Price

Ymddiriedolaeth Addoldai Cymru   Welsh Religious Buildings Trust
The Welsh Religious Buildings Trust is a charity that acquires and conserves some of the best examples of redundant (non-Church in Wales) religious buildings in Wales. It has a national role in promoting the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the religious built-heritage of Wales, and to work to emphasise its continued relevance for today’s society as well as for future generations. The Trust: (i) identifies and acquires suitable redundant architecturally or historically important religious buildings; (ii) protects the buildings in its care, and ensures their appropriate conservation and maintenance; (iii) promotes, through the example of buildings in its care, best conservation practice, including the use and sustainability of traditional skills and materials; (iv) encourages visitors to buildings in its care, and seeks to remove barriers affecting access by any group or individual (v) encourages community participation in the use, care and operation of buildings in the Trust’s care; (vi) works with relevant organisations to promote the protection, knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of Wales’ religious built heritage. Contact: Gruff Owen

Association of Preservation Trusts Wales
Wales, with a relatively small population of around 3 million, has at least 30 active Trusts who are members of APT.  Of these 30, only one Welsh-based BPT, Ymddiriedolaeth Addoldai Cymru (Welsh Religious Buildings Trust), actively operates across the whole of Wales. Wales has also benefitted from 5 UK Trusts that have undertaken work or given advice in Wales. All 30 trusts in Wales that are members of UKAPT were formed between 1979 and 2010 and are registered as charities and companies limited by guarantee. Largely owing to the work of the Development Officer in Wales between 2004-2008, over a third of Trusts in Wales were formed in the past seven years.  So, although well established in Wales, BPTs are a relatively ‘young’ movement when compared to the rest of the UK.  Contact: Patricia Neil

Council of British Archaeology
The CBA is a voluntary organisation which works to promote the study and safeguarding of Britain’s historic environment, to provide a forum for archaeological opinion, and to improve public interest in, and knowledge of, Britain’s past. The aims of the CBA are to raise the profile of archaeology throughout society, in all parts of the United Kingdom, and to strengthen public care for and understanding of the historic environment. In doing so, our contributing aims are to: * advance and assist research; *provide a framework for communication and discussion represent to the wider community any consensus which emerges from such discussion; *campaign for the study and conservation of the historic environment; *be a focus for the promotion of archaeology in education; *give information about archaeology to all sections of the community; *encourage widespread participation in archaeology throughout society; *support the work of local, regional, specialist, and national societies.

Garden History Society/Welsh Historic Gardens Trust
The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust (WHGT) is a national organisation campaigning to save historic gardens and parks from neglect, indifference, insensitive planning and planting for future generations.WHGT aims to: *Raise the profile of parks and garden heritage in Wales which make such a rich and varied contribution to our landscape; *Promote interest and enjoyment in the beauty and diversity of Welsh parks and gardens including the famous and less well known, large and small, formal and picturesque, to the widest audience possible to ensure their survival for future generations; *Promote the restoration and conservation of threatened parks and gardens which are of special historic interest in Wales; *Research and document the garden history of Wales, an important element of the historic and cultural identity of the Nation.